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We picked up a few places that you must visit while you're in Israel.

When you come to travel in Israel and see all the amazing places we have here we help you maximize the time available to you.
Gathering early in the morning and embarking on the road without unnecessary worries, transportation to the destination without wasting time
When you travel and drive yourself, you waste time on the road because you do not know the roads, and more to find parking (not always near the destination) and a long ride back in the hope of not finding a parking fine ... You do not have time to rest on the way and at the end of the day you will be very tired.
Our driver will always be waiting for you with a running vehicle and air conditioner on and will proceed immediately to the next destination, while you have time to rest a little before the next activity
Transportation takes place in large vehicles, large taxis, minibuses and buses.


trip to jerusalem

tel aviv

מונית גדולה בתל אביב

the dead sea

הסעה לים המלח


הסעה למצדה

Stalactite cave

טיול למערת הנטיפים



הסעה לקיסריה


טיול לאכזיב
הסעה לחיפה

rosh hanikra

טיול לראש הנקרה

sea of galilee

הסעה לכינרת, כנסיית 12 השליחים

sachne, Gan-hashlosha 

הסעה לגן השלושה, הסח'נה


הסעה לאילת, מונית גדולה באילת, הסעות
הסעה באילת
הסעה מאילת לשדה התעופה רמון


Traveling in a large vehicle with organized transportation leaves you with all the time to talk, laugh, see the landscape and hear explanations
Our goal is to enjoy as much of your stay in Israel as possible. We operate a whole network of large cars, large taxis, minibuses and buses.

The three most important rules in terms of customer service are:
1 Meeting the timetable
2 polite and nice drivers
3 modern, clean, good-smelling vehicles!

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