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Bethlehem, a unique city, one of the oldest cities in the world.

The city is full of archaeological sites and ancient buildings

If you are planning a trip to the city of Bethlehem it is advisable to use the shuttle services that know the place and the different sites in the city, we know all the ways of this city and can drive you from anywhere to anywhere as efficiently as possible.

We are very prepared to carry shuttle services for any number of passengers from 5 to 53 in one vehicle, in our company there are loads of vehicles of all kinds, a large array of shuttle cars, large taxis, minibuses, buses, we provide shuttle service throughout the day.

In Bethlehem, we also have luxury vehicles available at relatively short notice, tourist transportation and close proximity to all sites, waiting as needed and traveling to the next destination, our drivers are very polite and nice.

Wedding shuttles while picking up passengers from your convenient pickup point, church shuttle, gift and shuttle back to the hotel or any destination of your choice

A trip to Bethlehem is a life-long experience to remember

The ancient ways and buildings will take you on a journey you did not know, one of the most beautiful walks and places in the world

הסעות, מוניות גדולות, מיניבוסים, אוטובוסים, לבית לחם Bethlehem.

נסו אותנו פעם אחת ויותר לא תחפשו יותר שום חברה אחרת

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